July 26-28, 2024


What if we could inspire a generation of young fathers and sons to develop a vision together to become modern day spiritual warriors? How could we train them to be mentally tough and prepared for acts of service? You’ve found SKP. A transformative weekend in the Rockies.

SKP is a weekend camp with a mission: 
1) to build father-son teams into visionary, spiritual warriors 
2) to form a lasting community with other father-son teams  
3) to strengthen the father son relationship 
4) to experience God and learn about partnering with him.

What does SKP mean? 
SKP is short for “sunkakopatheo,” the Greek word for enduring hardship. In 2 Timothy 2:3, we’re told “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Sunkakopatheo can be split into three words: “Sun,” Kakos” and “Pathos.” In context, “Sun” means “join in as a partner with the rest of us who are soldiers for the Lord; “Kakos” means: “face the vile, horrible, foul, ugly circumstances that are around you,” and “Pathos” means that “if you must, suffer to get the job done.”

Here’s how theologian Rick Renner explains this phrase.

You’re not the only one who has been wounded on the battlefield. The rest of us have too. Quit thinking you’re the only one who’s ever been through hardship and join in with the rest of us who are faithfully fighting it out. You must come to grips with the horrible situation around you. It doesn’t look like it’s going to change soon and in fact, it might get worse before it gets better. Instead of living the remainder of your life in fear, rise to meet the occasion! Face your fears and if necessary, suffer to get the job done that God has called you to do. Suffering is no fun. But someone must do the job. Even if your mind is under great stress, keep doing your ministry anyways.

How can we train our sons to rise above fear? To be strong enough to live up to the purpose God has for them? Helen Keller put it eloquently: “character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.” This weekend will take both fathers and sons out of their comfort zone, allowing deeper connection through shared adversity and adventure.

This year of 2024, will be our 5th year to be SKP Camp. We will be returning to our Camp One. This is the camp we do with our friends former British Commando Rhodri Leach and former Navy SEAL Jon Rieling. We will learn what it means to suffer well together as these men will test our resolve to be Co-Spiritual Warriors. There is a physical fitness requirement to be met before the camp begins. Please pay attention to the those requirements and you and your son (mentor/mentee) will have an adventure to talk about for years to come. Our camp this year will be from Friday, July 26-28, 2024. Our location as always will be in Grand County, Colorado, near Winter Park.

In the last years, we learned about how to have a spiritual warrior partnership with God, with father and son and with other father son teams. We also learned about topics such as shelter-building, navigation, fire, cordage, and others. Those who have attended year one graduated to year two. In year two, we learn 10 automotive skills, that lead father and sons to learn real skills for the benefit of their own family as well as a means to serve others. In year three, we learn 10 home improvement skills that are useful for maintaining a house and that help father and sons to serve others. In year four, we learn through experiencing more mountain adventures the importance of sharing hobbies and causes with each other.



Bart Moyers
The concept for SKP is born from my own story. As a young boy my father really wasn’t a factor in my life due to his sacrifice in World War 2. By God’s grace I was able to walk with different men in my hometown and church who helped me understand what it was to think, act, walk and talk like a man. At an early age I came to a belief that if I was to have a real father it would have to be God himself.

In short, when it came time to be a father for my son Lucas, I prayed and sought out people and resources that helped me help him grow to be a man. Lucas and I went through the stages and ceremonies of manhood with the help of the community of men that surrounded us. Later, Lucas and I found opportunities to create this environment for other fathers to spend special times with their sons. We hosted events, camp outs and ceremonies to encourage fathers to have vision for their sons.

I am grateful to my wife Becky who gave me not only a son but also a beautiful daughter Ana. We also prepared her for womanhood with similar ceremonies and principles. Both were born on the mission field in Latin America and became familiar with mental toughness at an early age.

In these last years, the Lord has brought to my attention the cycle that too many boys go through. When they’re old enough to leave home Satan has his day with them. The question asked is, “will you continue in the faith of your parents or will you enjoy your days in the world?” The invitation leaves a lot of young men who are not spiritually and mentally prepared vulnerable to a life of disbelief in God and experimentation for many years which can lead to a ravaged life. I believe that there is a better way.

Lucas Moyers
Lucas lives in Geary, Oklahoma and works at Geary High School as the art teacher. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina while his parents were missionaries there, Lucas came to know the Lord while attending a small church in Bayfield, Colorado. A mentor of his Dr. Ian Fair challenged him to take God seriously, and Lucas did. Later he graduated from York College. He loves skateboarding, golf, snowboarding, and taking care of his dog PBR. Lucas has been the recipient of his dad’s father-sons events as well as a co-dreamer, schemer in creating these experiences for others. For approximately 15 years he and his dad have found these as an expression of their faith to serve God and others.

Brandon Kibler
Brandon is a co-founder of SKP Camp. He and his wife Kristy live in Denver and enjoy life with their two small children Rosalyn and his warrior in training Grayson. Grayson will be joining us as a ten-year old in the year 2027. Brandon is a Floridian who moved to Colorado to enjoy the outdoor life. He’s an engineer, travelling the state servicing water coops. He is a micro-brewer connoisseur and is especially fond of those made in the Centennial State. He is a golfer, a fly-fisherman, a bicyclist, and likes to make stuff in his garage out of wood.

Todd McLaughlin

Todd and Tiful McLaughlin from Charlotte, North Carolina have three children Elle, Aiden, and Avery. He’s from Hersey, Pennsylvania. Todd has been committed to Christ since 1996. He is always striving to pay it forward. As a Physician Assistant in hospital and orthopedic medicine, he enjoys the outdoors and wandering all over the earth. He volunteers as Medical Director for a camp called The Swamp. He also leads a house church and is a Marriage Dynamics facilitator. He and his son Aiden have enjoyed coming out to Colorado. You have to ask Todd about the moose story next time you see him.

Will Neel – Will is husband to Lee Ann Neel and father to Nick and Virginia. Lee Ann and Will  are from Tempe, Arizona. Both kids are married, and Will has the distinction of being the only grandfather in our bunch. Will is from Miami, Oklahoma and has worked his whole life as Professional Golf Instructor. Before he moved to Arizona he formed the Will Neel Youth Academy at the Via Verde, Country Club in San Dimas, California. He also worked as an assistant to David Ledbetter at Lake Nona in Orlando. Will has been a long-time member of the International Church of Christ. Will and Nick were a part of our first father-son retreat held in Durango, Colorado.

Ramon Diaz – Ramon and his wife Maureen live in Henderson, Nevada. Ramon, originally from East Los Angeles, grew up a fighter. He has served as church leader in California and a wrestling coach for two colleges in Nebraska. His wrestling achievements include many national awards both from his own wrestling and those of his students. Ramon has helped many young men, but most importantly Jacob, his son, grow to be a fine young man. Jacob, is attending college in Southern California. Ryen, his daughter lives in Mexico City fulfilling a Harvard University program.

Saul Ferrel – Born in Pablado de Pena, Durango, Mexico, Saul is married to Mary and has three boys. Their names are Josiah, Emilio and Hezekiah. Saul works in the oil and gas field here in Denver. Saul is a member of the Denver Church of Christ Latino Ministry. One of his favorite ministries is serving inmates at a jail in North Denver. He’s been doing this work faithfully for 10 years. Saul and the boys were part of Luke’s and my third father son retreat held in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Aaron Dominguez – Married to Debbie and father to Aaron “AJ” and Emily, Aaron is known by many as “Mr. Whittier, California.” He loves baseball, fishing and the great outdoors. He and his wife Debbie have been tireless servants at their church, The Los Angeles Church of Christ. Aaron is a co-owner of a staffing agency, supplying primarily warehouse workers for businesses in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Matt Fredrickson – Matt, his wife Priscilla and sons Noah and Levi call Denver home. They love being outside and going camping and fishing. Little Noah won’t be able to come to came for some years due to his age but that doesn’t stop him from being a warrior with the fish. Even at 4 years old he knows his way around a fishing pole and loves going out on the ice and in the boat. Noah can’t wait to teach his younger brother Levi how its done. “Because of the insane American lifestyle, Matt says, “it is sometimes difficult for fathers and sons to find time away from work, school and daily life to form a relationship while doing something they both enjoy. This camp provides a space for valuable father son time.”

Martin Amador

Martin is married to Maribel and is father to three children and together they live in Denver. Martin, Miqueas and Marcelo have participated in our survival skills and home improvement skills camps. They form a unique team with varied interests. They love golf, traveling, and the outdoors. Martin runs a successful insurance company and has been a great asset to the team with fresh ideas.

Fred Batson

Fred and his wife Manu are from Seattle, Washington. Fred brings his service in the military and his many years of experience serving as a singles minister to our team. He loves fast cars and enjoys sports of all kinds. He believes that there is a great need for fathers and sons to connect on a deeper level and sees that SKP Camp goes a long way in fulfilling that need.


Jon Reiling and Rhodri Leach of Rogue Consulting Group LLC utilize and provide instruction in an array of disciplines that include leadership & team development, mountaineering, rock climbing, wilderness survival, and physical/mental challenge programs. With years of experience in special operations (S.E.A.L’s), Mountain Guiding, Survival Instruction, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and Wilderness Medicine, they have both been tested in real life and we want to help bring the warrior mindset, knowledge, experience, and humility to a wider audience. Jon has served in special operations as a Navy S.E.A.L. and Rhodri as a part of The Royal Marine Commandos.

The goal of the SKP Camp weekend from Rogue Consulting’s point of view is to help you find a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones, your community and God. It is designed to ignite, cultivate and grow your warrior mindset. In our current “Throw away” society we need men of stature that hold moral values such as integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and kindness in high regard. The bond between a father and son is a connection that is rarely matched. With the introduction of cell phones, Social Media, lack of discipline and diminishing efforts to cultivate that connection, the Father/Son bond in many cases is growing weak. This weekend is about learning, suffering, enduring and experiencing together, while leaving with a sense of shared accomplishment.

Lasting growth, in whatever form, only occurs from overcoming hardship. By exposing ourselves and enduring periods of suffering is how we strengthen the soul and the mindset. Our ability to “see it through” becomes forged in our psyche and helps create an iron will. To see ourselves and others at our lowest ebb is a gift, but it’s how we act and react to the situation at hand is the only true test of our character and as Helen Keller so eloquently put it “character cannot be developed in ease and quiet”.

It is our mission to take you outside of your perceived comfort zone to help expose and reveal the real you. We will help you develop the warrior mindset which in turn will build resiliency and help you overcome future adversity. The weekend course also covers some useful survival skills that you may need in the future if you find yourself in an austere environment with limited equipment. Topics such as shelter building, navigation, fire, cordage and others will be covered.

The weekend by design, will be physical in nature, so to ensure you get the most out of the weekend we are advising a minimum fitness requirement. You will need to hike 3 miles in 45 minutes or less, carrying 20% of your body-weight in a backpack or weighted vest. Along with being a test of your integrity (it’s what you do when nobody is watching), the above requirement also serves as an opportunity to begin strengthening your bond and your base level of fitness with your father/son long before the start of the course. It is also a test of your commitment to yourself, your loved one and your tribe. If you are unable to hit the minimum fitness requirement before the cutoff date (July 15th) then please reach out to the coordinators who will address any questions/comments/concerns on a case by case basis.

All participants will be required to fill out a waiver, a medical questionnaire, and logistics, as they relate to equipment lists and specific locations etc. will be disseminated to participants in early June.
We look forward to sharing this memorable weekend with the courageous few.

Warm Regards

The Rogue Consulting Group Team.


Questions And Answers

Is there a minimum age?

For SKP Camp 2024 the minimum age is 10 years old. Some nine year olds will be accepted on a case by case basis.

What if participants have medical conditions?

We will need to determine that participants are healthy enough to participate on this course. Those suffering with medical conditions will need a note from their primary care physician that states they are cleared to participate. Each participant will need to fill out a health questionnaire. The questionnaire will also highlight food allergies, food restrictions etc. Every participant will need to sign a waiver (the parent/guardian signing for any minors). You can find all these under the “Forms” section.

What about meals?

On Friday, July 26th, 2024 at 6:00 PM at the Midland Group Campground, located on the east side of US Hwy 40, 4.5 miles south of Winter Park, there will be a meal provided for all campers. Also, campers will need to bring their own water. There are porta potties.

The goal of the camp is to push us to our limits. Therefore a practice of Camp One is to fast from Saturday morning when we meet Rhod and Jon. We will fast until the end of camp which will be Sunday, July 28th at 12:00 Noon. Lunch will be provided at base camp (Midland Group Campground) on Sunday, July 28th after Camp One is officially over. If you plan to bring extra food, remember we are camping in the outdoors and bears have been known to enter camps looking for food. Make sure you secure food in bearproof containers.

Physical requirements

Participants should be able to complete 3 miles in 45 minutes while carrying 20% of their bodyweight in a backpack.

How Do I Pay for the Cost of Camp?

For SKP Camp 2024, the cost is $250 per person.
All payments need to be made by July 1.

Todd McLaughlin will be accepting payment via check. Make checks out to SKP Camp Corporation (memo line-2024 SKP Camp) send to Todd McLaughlin, 176 Lockerbie Ln, Mooresville, NC 28115 or send monies via Zelle =

For more questions you can call or text Todd McLaughlin at 980 322 4998.
SKP Camp is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Only donations where no goods or services are exchanged for the donation are to be tax deductible.

Can you tell me what the itinerary will be?

At 6:00 PM, Friday July 26, 2024, all campers are invited to have dinner at the Midland Campground, Winter Park, Colorado.

Camp ends at 12:00 Noon July 28, 2024. A more detailed itinerary will be given at our first meal together on Friday, July 26, 2024

What is the meaning behind the logo?

The logo was created by Lucas Moyers. SKP stands for “Sun,” Kakos” and “Pathos.” These are Greek words that translate into the words “endure hardness” from 2 Timothy 2:3 “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” The letters are in an outdoor wood font to remind us that man was created in the wild. And the arrows crossing bring to mind the scripture in Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” Arrows are meant to be put in a bow and shot in a specific direction. SKP Camp will encourage fathers to have a vision for their sons and to “launch” them in a direction that will bless the Kingdom of God.


Each person needs the following. (Items in blue are linked to places where you can buy them; they’re only suggestions)

Camp Year One: Survival Skills.

Closed toed footwear – hiking boots/athletic trail shoes (make sure you wear them in to minimize blisters)
Wool socks x 2
Pants x 1
Underwear x 2
Top base layer x 1 (i.e Smartwool)
Mid layer x1 Waterproof shell jacket x1
Warm hat x1
Gloves x 1pair (leather palm is preferred)
Sun hat x 1
Sunscreen x1 (small)
Sunglasses x1
Sunglass case x1
Personal prescribed medication (inhalers, insulin, heart meds etc.)
Small first aid kit x 1
Hard plastic water bottle with metal cup x 1
Tarp x1 ***per father and son*** (8’x10′)
Headlamp x1 (with new batteries)
Bug spray x 1 (small bottle)
Sleeping bag x1
Backpack x 1 – 35 liter minimum. Last name an initial written in permanent marker on duct tape firmly attached to the upper outer lid of the backpack.
“Contractor grade” black trash bag x 2 – to keep contents of backpack dry
Rope x 100ft
Flint & striker x 1
Knife (fixed blade) x1
One-gallon Ziploc bags x 3 with name written on every bag in permanent marker
Pencils x 2 and Bible
Writing pad x 1 – make sure it fits inside one-gallon Ziploc bag.
Liquid hand sanitizer x 1 (small and alcohol based)

And whatever else you can think of for camping. For fishing, bring gear or arrange to rent it here. Don’t forget to get a license for fishing. There are streams and lakes to fish nearby.


Registration Deadline: July 1, 2024. Camp Costs $250 per person. All monies are due before this day.
Friday, July 26, 2024 – At 6:00 PM at Midland Campground, Winter Park, CO all campers are invited to dinner.



Liability Waiver

Medical Questionnaire


There are T-shirts for sale. If interested send size and $20 to Lucas Moyers
Todd McLaughlin will be accepting payments via  Zelle and check. Please make checks out to “SKP Camp Corporation.” Send it to 176 Lockerbie Ln, Mooresville, NC 28115.
For more information email Todd at: If paying by Zelle:

Contact Us

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303 880 4442

Visit Me

Bart Moyers
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Camp Photos


Miracle Child: Aiden McLaughlin, 16 years old

Aiden McLaughlin, 16, attended SKP in 2020. He graciously agreed to share his perspective about living gratefully, being raised by his father, how his unique birth story has influenced his life, and his thoughts about SKP camp.

In my view I just appeared. Just showed up. My dad was in school and dealing with cancer and chemo. I heard it was very hard. He pushed himself. He was told he’d be sterile. Mom and Dad already had my older sister, Elle, but he wanted a boy. The doctors said it would be impossible to have another baby. After much struggle and many treatments, against all odds I was born. They also had my younger sister, Avery. The word “blessed” is rightly used here. I was his goal. After struggling to beat cancer he and mom had me!

Having grown up with such a fighter for a dad, I believe that the greatest attribute a father could give a son is that of a fighter. A father doesn’t have room to be negative in this negative world. My dad doesn’t have a negative side. When I reflect on his struggle the only word that comes to mind is unbelievable.  Cancer was tough on my dad. But he was tougher. He has said he’ll never repeat chemo. And I believe him. Cancer and chemo don’t want to waste their time on my dad. He’ll resist them. Everyday I see him stronger.

He’s a fighter even with me. He holds to some views and values that I don’t. And we get into it sometimes. We argue and sometimes it’s hard to communicate. Sometimes I feel like he can’t relate and has a lack of understanding. There are boundaries he can’t understand. You know, stuff at school. But I like him because he gives me space. He points out the good and bad – but shouldn’t every dad? We have a great system. He can accept me for who I am, but stops short of giving me approval for the things for which we don’t see eye to eye. He takes time to express his thoughts and gives me time to express mine too. He strives to recognize my different thoughts. He strives to understand.

If I’m asked what he is trying to say to me right now I would answer faith. Faith has always been huge. He is a positive person because of his faith. He has raised me to be good. He has worked his faith through all our struggles together. We grow together. His faith has influenced my life. He is constantly telling me that I am who I surround myself with. This is something I can clearly see. He always wants me to be the best I can be.

My father fathers me. There are times when I barely listen. You know like the times he tells me how I should treat my sisters. There are times when I say, “I know this,” but I still don’t care. These times I know that I’m totally wrong. Still, it’s hard.

There are times when we’ve been apart for a while. My dad is a physician’s assistant and he works long hours. After we’ve been apart for a while, it’s great to know it is family that matters most.

When the day comes for me to be a father, the thing I want to imitate most is how he treats my mother. It is obvious that he holds her in high regard.

I’m glad we got to go to SKP Camp in Colorado. We suffered together. Besides that, we fished, played golf, and met new friends. The challenges of the survival skills portions were real. Exercises like the “eye exercise” got deep fast. I wondered if I could do what the Navy Seal and the British Commando were asking. How far can I go was the question I asked myself. However, I’ve discovered that without suffering there’s no building of character for the soul.